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Best Wedding Emcee in Singapore? | Ask AnchorBlanc

So... Who exactly is the Best Wedding Emcee in Singapore?

Let's take things one step back. Have you ever thought about how "Best" Ratings are given?

ask anchorblanc: Is there such a thing as the best wedding emcee in Singapore?

Do a panel of Judges come and Surprise Crash every single wedding they can find, have an assessment rubric on hand, and eventually crown the ultimate winner across Singapore, the "Number 1" Wedding MC?

Of course not.

Because even if they did...

"Best" is subjective.

I do agree with the lists of the best/top few though, because it does take some industry knowledge to find out who are the leaders in the field.

Everyone in the Emceeing field has their own unique strengths.

What happens when someone with top-notch language fluency and voice, goes head to head with someone who is excellent at games, for the title of "Best?"

Or when someone with High Star Power, battles a Comedian Speaker who splits your sides?

Who then, is the absolute Best Wedding Emcee in Singapore?

ask anchorblanc - when people compete for the best wedding emcee in singapore title.

Do I or Ferlyn dare to claim ourselves to be the Top Wedding Emcee? Of course not.

But we want to be the Best Fit for your wedding, give you the Best support during and before your wedding, and make your wedding the best it can be.


How AnchorBlanc Will Give You Our Best

Every couple looks out for different things that they want.

The "Best" for Couple A, will be different from the "Best" to Couple B.

Here's what we have to offer, and you make the choice based on what is important to you.

1. Pleasant Voices

anchorblanc aims to give you the best wedding emcee experience we can with a pleasant voice.

Ferlyn Chen has been commended repeatedly on the tone of her speaking voice by her audience. I find it the perfect mix of groundedness, with the necessary bright overtones, giving you that classy, celebrity, like voice. Top that off with vocal clarity on each word, and strong bilingualism, and you have a recipe for the timbre of voice that you'll want to hear at your wedding.

I find myself gladly going down to help her video her MCing.

Anything just to hear, that sweet, soothing voice. Ahh.

As for Charles "Stitch FM" Wong (myself), the audience has commented that he sounds like a DJ and has also praised his emceeing in both languages. He maintains good pacing and emphasis in his speaking.

Charles also uses his voice for another use, to spice up your wedding.


He was really bored as a child, but at least he is putting his beatboxing powers to good use now.


2. Hassle-Free

anchorblanc singapore aims to give you the best wedding emcee experience that we can, by making it hassle free.

There are 3 kinds of Emcees.

The first kind asks you too little and messes up the actual day.

The second kind asks you too much and increases your blood pressure.

The third and final kind, asks you just enough questions to find out what he needs and makes everything go smoothly.

From our reviews, AnchorBlanc has 2 common words that describe us.


We'll ask just enough for us to conduct your actual day smoothly, without being a nuisance.

Ferlyn and I annoy each other to the maximum.

And that's why we make sure that we don't annoy others.


3. Clarity

with our mental clarity with the wedding flow, anchorblanc singapore aims to give you the best wedding emcee experience that we can.

This really comes with experience and practice. We are clear about the flow of a wedding, and we will discuss with you if there are any parts of your wedding rundown that might be unique and special.

Ferlyn has been praised for her professionalism and liaising with the coordinators, brothers and sisters on the flow. Charles has been recommended for his responsiveness and ability to give suggestions to the rundown.

These come with an initial clarity of a wedding flow, which comes with experience.


4. Humour

anchorblanc singapore aims to give you the best wedding emcee experience that we can, by making adding a splash of humour into your wedding.

Many, many years ago, my emcee friend and mentor mentioned something to me that I would never forget.

Before I started, I previously thought that having a good voice and a planned script was good enough to be a Speaker.

I was wrong.

She said, "Never be a Talking Head."

This means, that it is not enough to just stand up on stage, read from a script, pang gang and go home.

You'll need to inject your own personal touch to it. And to me, that's where humour comes in.

AnchorBlanc has been known to crack multiple jokes to liven up your big day. You can see from our reviews that people enjoy it!

We'll help your guests have a great time with you, and with us.


5. Games

anchorblanc singapore brings on the fun and games, as we aim to give you the best wedding emcee experience that we can.

Games are not compulsory for all weddings.

But if you are game, we're game.

Games make the entire experience a whole lot more fun, not only for the bride and groom, but also for your valued audiences.

While we have suggested games to couples, we have handled many games created by the couples itself.

It just adds that extra element of fun and interaction that the audience is craving for.

Make your special day, extra special. Brainstorm with your partner for some fun ideas, or ask us! We love making everyone have a good time. We'll also discuss its execution and feasibility with you.


6. Multi-talented

anchorblanc singapore aims to give you the best wedding emcee experience that we can. with our different talents.

I'm sure you know what multi-talented really means.

It really means... "Package Pricing". Shiok.

Besides MCing, we can also provide your live band entertainment for you, even including the sound system needed for the live band.

Watch as Ferlyn Chen drifts gracefully from the Emcee Podium to the band corner and starts singing immediately while Charles "Stitch FM" Wong backs Ferlyn up with beatboxing and guitar.

We're here to give you a complete entertainment experience for your wedding that you will enjoy.


7. Friendly

Ask AnchorBlanc: Sometimes, friendliness can make the best wedding emcee experience can even happen before the wedding,

Many of us think that friendliness isn't important.

Just get the job done, do it well, and go.

As a bride and groom to be, doing our own wedding planning, we know that it just simply does not work that way.

Ferlyn and I are planning for our wedding now at this point in time.

And we are dealing with different vendors, some less friendly than others.

Friendliness makes a huge difference in our interactions with the different vendors. It just makes things so much more pleasurable and easy, amidst the total absolute hurricane of wedding planning.

That friendliness is something we would like to offer you as well. AnchorBlanc has constantly received great feedback on being friendly and a joy to work with, even during the planning stage. We want to give you the best wedding emcee experience even before we begin together.


8. Adaptability

Things going wrong or differently during your wedding? Don't worry, AnchorBlanc's adaptability gives you the best wedding emcee experience that we can.

Many things change at the last minute. It happens even to the Super-Brides and Super-Grooms.

It's just the way things may happen in the myriad of planning, and we've seen it countless times.

But AnchorBlanc has been commended on being able to pick up the pieces quickly, being able to handle really last minute engagements, being accommodating, quick-witted, and alert to changes to any special instructions.

We've got your back!


Giving you your Best Wedding Emcee Experience: AnchorBlanc

AnchorBlanc brings you the best wedding emcee experience that we can.

We give our best, and we do our best, to give you the best possible experience you can have for your wedding. And here's why -

  1. Pleasant Voices

  2. Hassle-Free

  3. Clarity (of Rundown)

  4. Humour

  5. Games (optional)

  6. Multi-Talented

  7. Friendly

  8. Adaptable

We hope to be your Emcees for your big day!

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