Wedding Singers Singapore

Ferlyn? Charles? Both? Select Your Character.


Ferlyn's warmth and friendliness to your audience is just the tip of the iceberg. When she finishes her Emceeing, and walks over to the band area to sing, you will realise that Ferlyn is not only able to sing, but, able to sing from many eras and genres. 鄧麗君? Can. Maroon 5? No problem. 田馥甄 ? Leave it to her. Her wide repertoire was accumulated over years of hard work, driven by the sole goal of reaching out to audiences of different age groups.



Charles is called the "Swiss Army Knife" of AnchorBlanc for a reason. Not only is he able to sing, but he will Beatbox, Emcee, and play the Guitar too. Think of him as the Knuckles to your Sonic. Charles is also known for handling songs from the classics, all the way up to the top 40s, just like Ferlyn, He built this website too.

Charles and Ferlyn: AnchorBlanc

This powerful pair will give you all of the above. If the phrase "Let our powers combine" rings a bell to you, let us relive it for you by showing you what we can do together!

  • Beats

  • Singing

  • Guitar

All at the same time. 

Three roles, at the price of 2 performers.


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