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About AnchorBlanc - Stitch and Ferlyn

Music To Your Ears.

AnchorBlanc is an acoustic band with soothing vocals and energetic beatboxing, complemented by the sounds of a guitar. Well-versed in the music scene, AnchorBlanc combines Ferlyn’s style of soothing tone and soaring vocals, with Stitch’s high energy beatboxing, to create a powerful rendition of your favourite billingual pop hits.

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About Anchorblanc: Bio

Multilingual Singers

~ English • Chinese • Hokkien • Cantonese ~

We pride ourselves in being able to do songs from different Genres, different Languages, and different Eras. AnchorBlanc wants everyone at your Wedding / Event to be happy - from the 4 Year old who wants to hear baby shark, to the Teenagers who would like some Ed Sheeran, to the Adults who would like a taste of Bon Jovi, and to the Elderly who would like to relieve the good ol' days of Elvis Presley or 鄧麗君, Stitch and Ferlyn has got you covered.

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About Anchorblanc: Bio

Team AnchorBlanc


Ferlyn Chen

The Voice


Charles "Stitch FM" Wong

The Swiss Army Knife

About Anchorblanc: Team Members
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