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AnchorBlanc is your One Stop Solution for Live Music, Emceeing, and even Sound Systems.

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Emcee Services

Engaging our Emceeing together with our live band services gives you a cheaper package price, because it is market practice to price higher when you are engaging an Emcee only, without other services. Ferlyn and Charles' emceeing styles are different , so check out our MCing styles here.

Live Band Services

Charles and Ferlyn has strived their hardest to learn the songs that you love. To make things even easier, we'll give you our large songlist of all the songs that we have already conquered appropriate for weddings, for your easier selection. AnchorBlanc has worked our 200% to learn your popular, hot favourites.

Sound System Services

Most venues will mention that their sound system will not be able to accommodate an Acoustic Live Band. Feel free to ask your venue to clarify. We are able to provide you a sound system that can handle a live band, if your venue isn't able to.


We are a live band for hire, that will handle all your entertainment needs. Contact us now to find out more.


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