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Live Musicians for Weddings

Ferlyn? Charles? The Dynamic Duo? Its your Choice.

Both Charles and Ferlyn have alot to bring to the table. Riding off each other's strengths, they both combine their unique selling points to bring you 3 roles, singing, guitar and beats, all at the price of 2 performers!



Ferlyn is able to sing in many different languages, from many different eras, and from many different artistes. Aptly titled "The Voice" of AnchorBlanc, she is strongly referred and recommended by her audience for a soothing tone.


Charles, also known as Charles "Stitch FM" Wong, not only sings, but also plays the guitar and beatboxes! When it is his turn to sing, he sings while playing the guitar. Charles also throws in a free short beatbox segment at the end of your wedding!


AnchorBlanc combines the best in both Ferlyn and Charles to bring you Live 
Acoustic Music brimming with chemistry and great tunes! Combining vocals, beats, and the guitar, AnchorBlanc presents a unique way for 2 performers to fulfil the roles of 3. Its what makes us unique!

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