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Sound System Rental for Weddings Near Me

Rent our Sound Systems for your Wedding!

Most Wedding venue's sound system only consists of 1-2 wireless microphones for the Emcee, and a way to get your laptop's audio playing for the background music and the montages. The Live Band, however, needs a sound system as well, and most hotels/restaurants are unable to handle an acoustic live band. That's where we come in! Our Sound Systems ensures that the musicians sound great. We know because... we are musicians ourselves. We dedicate as much effort into our Sound Quality, as our Music.

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Anywhere you Want.

You don't have to find a vendor that is near to your wedding location, because, we deliver our Sound Systems everywhere. All the way in the east, at Village Hotel Changi? No problem. Down South in Sentosa? No sweat. As long as you have an address, we will meet you there.

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Great Sound. Happy Audience.

There's no denying the fact that good sound makes for a happy crowd. Our Sound is for musicians, by musicians.

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