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Wedding Emcee Singapore

Anchorblanc not only does singing, but can also Emcee at your wedding at a package price! We also offer the unique option of Duo Emcees or Solo Emcees.

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Wedding Emcee Options in Singapore

Ferlyn? Charles? The best of both worlds? You decide.


Duo Emcees

Ferlyn and Charles combines their Emceeing and their chemistry, to bring you more laughs and more engagement with your audience!


This option is not only more fun, but also more pleasant to the ears, with the soothing sounds of a female voice, and the deep timbre of a male voice, intertwining with each other. 


Enjoy Stitch's energy, and Ferlyn's humour, at the same time, for a package price!





Ferlyn Chen Only

Ferlyn's natural charm and friendliness overflows on stage in her emceeing style. Her humour and warmth turns the coldest crowds to her side. Seeing the audience turn to her, fully engaged, and with a huge smile, is a common sight at the weddings that she hosts at.

Her reviews on Budget Bride simply do not lie, with many satisfied brides and grooms praising her for her friendliness and initiative. In short, she knows what she's doing, and you can leave everything to her.

• English / Chinese / Billingual Options Available •



Charles Only

Performing and Hosting for Dinner and Dances and Events, Charles takes a little bit of everything and incorporates them into the weddings that he hosts. Be prepared to hear some beatboxing, getting the crowd to cheer for the bride and groom, and more. Energetic and fun!

From the reviews, couples love his beatboxing, sense of humour, and professionalism.

• English / Chinese / Billingual Options Available •



Let us be the Emcees for your Wedding in Singapore!

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