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Live Band and Emcee
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Wedding Entertainment Singapore 

We provide wedding entertainment in Singapore for your valued guests. Treat your guests to Emceeing, Singing, Guitar and Beatboxing. We'll even bring down the Sound System. AnchorBlanc's got your back.

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Emceeing - The Glue to tie your Wedding Entertainment Together

Duo Emcees

Billingual Option Available 

More engaging and more Jokes!

This option is not only more fun, but also more pleasant to the ears, with the soothing sounds of a female voice, and the deep timbre of a male voice, intertwining in and out of each other. This also keeps your audience sonically tuned in as well!

Solo Emcee
Billingual Option available

The Solo Emcee option lends a touch of class to your wedding. Ferlyn and Charles can both handle Billingual on their own as well! Just let us know if you would prefer a male or female voice at your wedding.

Acoustic Live Band

A tried and tested source of wedding entertainment in Singapore is the Acoustic live band. Entertain your Guests with some Live Music. We'd love to do the songs that you love. Ferlyn and Stitch takes pride in learning different songs, from different genres, from different eras, and from different singers, because we want all your different demographics of guests to be happy. Well, there are 97 Million Songs out there in the world.. but hey, we are doing our best. Stitch throws in beatboxing too so that you'll get the sound of a 3 Piece band, for the price of a 2 piece.

live band microphones wedding entertainment singapore ferlyn stitch anchorblanc
sound system rental anchorblanc wedding entertainment singapore

Sound Systems Rental for Live Band

Most venues have a Sound System that can handle 2 Wireless Microphones, and a way for your laptop music to be played. What they may not tell you is that their Sound System may not be able to to accommodate a live band. We are have to provide you our sound system services too, at a package price!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments.

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