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Ask AnchorBlanc: How will your Wedding change during COVID-19 in Singapore?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

We're all sick of this virus. Its messing up all our wedding planning. The dastardly virus is affecting everyone! (Maybe except Donald Trump, he doesn't need a mask even after he's caught the virus.)

I am writing this in Phase 2 now, in Singapore. From the Wedding Services we have provided during this period, here are some things to look out for.

Lets address the the question at Ground Zero first -

Can a Wedding be done during COVID-19?

Yes it can! Venues are open, and it is legal. Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

Can We still hire a Wedding Emcee during COVID-19 in Singapore?

Yes, you can! It is allowed, and crucial to have someone moving the event forward with a clear direction. The Emcee will also be able to help you to announce important information regarding safe distancing measures. Plus, a Wedding without an Emcee really feels.. if I may say, strange. There must be a front person leading the crowd and the bride and groom from one programme to another. Feel free to contact us for our Wedding Emceeing Services here!

Can We still hire a Live Wedding Band during this period?

Sigh well, I'm going to be really honest here - you can't :'( . As much as Me and Ferlyn miss singing for you, you can't do it right now in Phase 2.

But here's the workaround - many couples have pushed it to next year and booked us in advance. We are all hoping that by mid 2021, measures will be lifted and live entertainment can resume again.

The couples miss us too -

"Its wasted that your live band couldn't perform today." Mr Ng.

"I really was hoping for both Ferlyn and Charles to sing today, its a pity." Mrs Goh.

"If Charles had sung, i could have tricked my audience that he looks like JJ Lin!" Mr Lie.

Ok, while the first 2 are true, I obviously made the last one up.

I doubt rules and regulations are going to clear up this year, but some couples have booked us in advance for a later date, and you can do so as well here. Book us in advance here!

Any other tips for our Wedding Day?

1) Most Venues don't allow YumSeng right now in Phase 2. The best way is to check with your Banquet Manager on that location's practices.

2) Maximum 5 a table for this current period.

3) Rule of thumb for masks - If you are standing up, wear it. If you are sitting down, you can take it off if you have food or drinks in front of you. Water also can -wink-

4) You can tell your Emcee if you or Banquet Manager have any safety measures to tell your crowd.

5) If you are having your ROM right before your banquet, don't be surprised if your guests are asked to go table by table into the banquet location. This is to avoid over crowding at the entrance. Remember - only the Supreme Leader Donald Trump is immune from the COVID-19 virus. We are not.

Feel free to book our Billingual Emceeing services now, or our Live Band Services in the future. You may contact us here.

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