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Glass Shard | Sasha M and Zaleia Singapore

I just had the surprise of my life.

When I was watching my friends' Sasha M and Zaleia's Music video, Glass Shard, I noticed something cool.

I actually had a hidden cameo inside!

Spoilers ahead.

Check out their video first before I reveal to you where I appeared.

And here it is -

Could you spot where I was?

If you couldn't see it.. here it is -

I kid you not, this is my first cameo in my life.

Oh wait.

This was actually the second. I was windmilling in my first cameo but.. that's another story for another time.

Glass Shard | Sasha M and Zaleia

I absolutely love the story behind the whole MV. It was solid.

It is a story of 2 close friends having individual struggles, but still having glaring, powerful, similarities.

(They are still dear friends in real life, of course.)

Here's another cool fact.

Check out the dancing at 2:18.

It looked like a superimposed mirror image of 1 person, but look again.

It was actually Sasha M and Zaleia dancing in perfect sync.

That is some sick levels of synchronism and choreography. How crazy is that?

I had to put down my Anchor Strong just to double-check.

Do check out Glass Shard by Sasha M and Zaleia. Incredible, soaring vocals, great song structure, and beautiful dancing. Not to mention a solid storyboard that is something we all can relate to in our lives. What more could you ask for?

Check out Sasha M, and Zaleia, here.

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