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Christmas Band for Hire | AnchorBlanc Singapore

Updated: May 12, 2021

If you are looking for a Christmas band for hire in Singapore, AnchorBlanc (Ferlyn and Stitch) is happy to provide you an Acoustic Live Band who will be able to perform you favourite Christmas Songs.

Christmas Band for Hire in Singapore: AnchorBlanc is at your service!

My laobei is a simple, quiet man.

Imagine my surprise, when he suddenly whipped out his phone on Christmas day, and started playing X'mas songs from Youtube.

I think he really liked the atmosphere that Christmas Songs brought to this festive period.

From my past experience, there are CNY events, National Day Events, etc, but Corporate Christmas Events are surprisingly fewer.

But there are many companies that hold their Dinner and Dances or Gala Dinners, really close to Christmas, or even on Christmas itself.

This is when your audience at your event (or your function) is going to feel that slight tinge of desire to sing along to their famous Christmas Carols, even the Grinch-iest of them.


Christmas Songs

If you are tired of singers going

"Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad ~mumble mumble mumble~"

We might just be your solution.

Not only do we know the lyrics for the difficult Christmas songs, we also know the Christmas Top 40s done by the artistes of today. We'll be glad to help.

Hire a Christmas band in Singapore - AnchorBlanc does your favourite christmas tunes!

To cater both your young and old audiences. our repertoire spans from the old Christmas Carols, to the contemporary hits of Mariah Carey, all the way back to some good ole' John Gardner with The First Noel.


Inclusive Repertoire

We all know that Christmas is the time that Michael Buble thaws from his hibernation, and comes out to sing.

Christmas band for hire, doing your favourite songs from the classic carols to the michael buble hits.

(And then goes back again during Chinese New Year.)

True words.

We ensure that even though its a X'mas event, we'll still throw in songs that your audience can relate to and enjoy.

We aren't going to only stick to Christmas Songs. Sometimes, you'll have an audience member that really wants to listen to 海闊天空,Or, someone in the crowd who really wants to party to All About That Bass.

There are even those songs somewhere in the middle like Lonely Christmas (Eason Chen) or 雪人 by 范瑋琪. That we can do as well.

We just want to give your clients a good time.


Christmas Band for Hire Singapore: Engage AnchorBlanc!

Christmas band for hire in Singapore - Hire AnchorBlanc today!

Stitch or Ferlyn has had the experience of doing Christmas Songs, either doing it event style, street style, or at pubs. We are your Christmas band for hire in Singapore.

Contact Us here!

(We do Michael Buble, too. 😉)

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