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Live Performers For Hire at your Event | AnchorBlanc

Updated: May 12, 2021

Are you looking for live performers for hire at your event? (This is also called a function band hire.)

Live Performers For Hire in Singapore - Anchorblanc provides an Acoustic Band for your Event or Function!

AnchorBlanc and myself (as an individual) have performed for events. The entire dynamics is different from a wedding,

This is because constant engagement is important.

(And people get way drunker, and are harder to please.)

For events, we feel 2 Es are important.


And Energy.

And here's what we have to offer, to make that showtime segment of your event, a success. Hire A Function Live Band today, and AnchorBlanc is ready to deliver.


Live Performers For Hire. AnchorBlanc's Features

So lets cut to the chase. Here's what we have to offer as a corporate live band for hire.

Interactivity via Song Dedications

Live Performers For Hire - AnchorBlanc makes your event entertainment interactive when we take and read out your song requests from your audience!

Selecting function bands for hire is tough. The singer can't just simply appear with the setlist that they love to sing, and then pang gang, collect their cheque, and head home.

This is because at events, your audience is highly diverse.

There is nothing wrong with the standard set of "Fly Me to The Moon", or "L.O.V.E", that most bands will provide. (We do, too.) All's good.

But at every event, you'll have those group of brothers who really, REALLY want to hear 浪子回頭, and sing along to it.

Or, that kind aunty that wishes to hear 我自在乎你。

Or, the people around my era who wishes to relieve some Backstreet Boys moments with "I Want It That Way."

Or the mothers who really need to occupy their kids with some "Let It Go" from Frozen so that they can finally enjoy their delicious Ee Fu Noodles, while their kids are distracted.

The list goes on.

I daresay our Song list is really extensive. This comes from a love of making sure our audience is happy.

We're not live performers just here to sing our favourite songs, and head home.

We want to spark joy in your audience.

This then started our journey, to drill and learn as many songs as we can, to cater to a wide variety of audiences.

We are obsessed with making your audience happy.

Upon Confirmation, we will be able to give you our songlist to choose the main songs from, or, if you would just like to leave it to us, we'll be happy to ease your workload.


What we say between Songs is Equally Important

Live Performers For Hire AnchorBlanc - Acoustic Live Band!

I was just chatting with Singapore's Funny Man, Moe Alkaff, recently. It was really surreal because I went from growing up watching "Gotcha" every single week, and then finally meeting the man himself in person. It was as if he somehow leapt out of the screen to meet me. And yes, he is huge. In physique, stature, and kindness.

He then gave me an important piece of advice. I held my breath.

He mentioned that entertaining the crowd is of utmost importance. Even between sets.

And this struck me really hard because I realised that that has been what Ferlyn has been doing all along. Her jokes, her interactions, and her energy, between the songs that she sings.

And this is a key thing that we will be able to offer to your event as well.

Having done beatboxing, singing, guitar, and percussion for events as well, I felt and executed it too.

That for a Singaporean crowd, the skills matter, but the interaction matters twice as much.

And that is something that we will both be happy to deliver to your event.


Engage AnchorBlanc as Live Performers for Hire at your event today!

AnchorBlanc is your favourite Live Performers for Hire. Contact Us!


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