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Ask AnchorBlanc: What's the average Wedding Emcee Price in Singapore?

Updated: Jul 9

Do read this article first if you are still deciding whether you should engage a Wedding Emcee or not.

If the answer is a yes, what then is the average wedding emcee price in Singapore? I'll jump straight to my answer:

There is no average. It depends on many factors.

Unlike, say, a Covid 19 mask, where the same model will give you the exact same function, size, and quality, different emcees have different defining factors that make them price differently. I will however, give you some guidelines for you to estimate so that you will not get duped or chopped.

1) Experience. Someone who has less experience might price lower to enter the market. I'm no sour grape and I feel all is fair in business, but the main issue is whether it will pose risks for your big day. You've only got one big day, and just as a personal opinion, if someone is dirt cheap, there must be a reason, and perhaps do your due dilligence in checking their past experiences. Ultimately, the choice is still yours.

2) Unique Selling Point(s): An Emcee's USP may not be something as unique as Beatboxing (shameless plug here) or Magic or Stand Up, it could be something as useful as their

  • Planning skills and Responsiveness,

  • Warmth towards the audience,

  • Sense of humour,

  • Singing voice,

  • Ability to engage the audience,

  • Wit,

  • Energy,

  • Star Power,

and many many more, even down to their overall packaging and branding as an Emcee. This entire plethora of factors makes finding an average pricing absolutely impossible.

3) Multilingualism: Some Emcees charge more for this and some don't. It is important to specify and check with the Emcee what language you would like them to speak in.

Bottomline: Finding an average price is not necessary, what matters is deciding for yourself which Emcee works best for you, keeping the above factors in mind.

While I am not asking you to choose the most expensive MC around, seeing an emcee price himself or herself extremely cheap might be a warning sign. Emceeing is hard work, and to see someone price too low, the alarm bells need to go off in your head. It is possible that the Emcee either does not see his worth, or has not put in the required amount of effort for him to know that he is not worth so little, or is trying to penetrate the market. Take out the guesswork by requesting to see their showreels/videos/portfolios of their past emceeing jobs.

The main exceptions that I've seen would be friendship rates, where out of goodwill, that friend or bestie would like to help you all the way with your big day at a low price.

Feel free to enquire on our Emceeing rates here.



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