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Hire a Musician for a Party Singapore

When you hire a musician for a party, there is only one important word.

Hire a musician for party in Singapore. Or 2. We'll double the fun!


And "Fun".

Ok, make that 2.

We all can't escape the formal events that have to be done. But a Party is truly for you, your friends, and your enjoyment.

If you are looking for party bands for hire, AnchorBlanc (Ferlyn Chen and I) has all the powerful songs that you need for all your friends to start singing along.

Let's say you're holding a formal wedding for yourself and your partner. There are some songs that just simply can't be done in that setting.

You then hold a secret after-party for all your friends to truly let loose.

Ah.. that's when the fun begins.


Songs of Your Choice

Hire a musician for party in Singapore, with a songlist huge enough for you to have the best time ever.

Whether you want to go nuts with 野狼Disco for your Wedding After Party, or reminisce in the good old classics like "愛評才會贏“,or if all you want is boyband songs for your birthday ("It's my day, dammit") it is completely up to you. Or even if its a party for your Event.

Our repertoire spans far and wide from the old Classics, to the current top 40s. And all the good stuff in between.

We're secret party animals ourselves. We just try to keep it a secret.

If you hire a party band, choose AnchorBlanc!


Hire a Musician For a Party that is Truly Yours

Hire a musician for party in Singapore. Your party. AnchorBlanc makes sure that you'll get to choose your favourite songs, from our song list.

When you hire party bands, there's always that fear of them 1) going too crazy 2) being too boring.

We've got the solution.

Regardless of whether its a Birthday, Event, or Silver Anniversary, we've got the repertoire you need.

Just let us know the kind of feel that you would like, and your favourite songs, based on our Songlist.

Its fun because we get to do all sorts of crazy things.

We've done a 慢搖version of 畢竟深愛過 for some of our audiences who just wanted to party.

We've sang 車站 (Hokkien) at a Grandma's Surprise Birthday Celebration.

I've beatboxed the Coffin Dance for some students wanting to have a good time.

We've toned it down, and done How Deep is Your Love for a private party that just wanted to enjoy some good drinks and good company, without going completely bananas.

It's really fun when we get to do the songs that you like. Because as entertainers, we believe strongly that it isn't about our favourite songs, but yours.

Here's our showreel for your reference.

Choose from our extensive song list upon confirmation, and feel free to go crazy with your selection.


Hire a Musician for your Party in Singapore

Hire a musician for party in Singapore. AnchorBlanc has a wide repertoire. Contact us now!

Parties are meant for you. Let us know the song types and the feel that you would like. Whether you would like a conservative party, or would like to go nuts, we can pull it off with professionalism.

Contact us here!


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