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Hire a Professional MC for your Wedding Reception in Singapore

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Deciding between getting a friend, or a Professional MC for your Wedding can be quite a headache.

hire professional wedding mc or emcee or master of ceremonies for your marriage reception. Anchorblanc will save you the thinking and stress!

I (Stitch) was singing at a wedding with AnchorBlanc some time ago. We weren't Emceeing as the couple got one of their guy friends to do it. All's good.

I remember chatting to him earlier, and he spoke well.

Then one of the "Brothers" rushes over.

The brother hurriedly tells the friend emcee of a big change in the programme. I saw a slight glint of stress in the Emcee's eyes.

The moment he went up on stage, he stammered and paused alot due to the sudden change in rundown. This really wasn't his fault, and its just human nature.

But Stitch or Ferlyn will be happy to be your Wedding MC to solve those frightening problems.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding MC For your Big Day

professional wedding mc or emcee or master of ceremonies for your marriage reception for hire. Anchorblanc shares with you the benefits of engaging a pro!

Being a Professional Wedding Speaker is much harder than it looks. You'll have to deal with many changes on the spot, deal with sudden problems, maintain your composure, engage the crowd, speak with the right tone, and make the crowd laugh.

Those are big shoes to fill. But hey, its our job. Here are some reasons why hiring a pro wedding MC might be a good choice.

Full Time Wedding Emcees Have Experience

When you a hire a professional wedding speaker, you are hiring them for their years of experience.

It might be your friend's first time handling a wedding. Stitch and Ferlyn have seen and handled many different wedding receptions. And this is the experience that lets us deal with a whole myriad of stuff that could go wrong, And you won't believe some of the things that we have seen going wrong during a couple's big day -

  • March in song being too long before couple enters, and audience is confused and waiting.

  • Couples game take a long, painful 30 seconds to appear on screen due to technical error.

  • And here is the best one of all. Handed an empty champagne glass for the Yumseng. You simply can't make these stories up.

anchorblanc's strange adventure while doing professional wedding mc or emcee or master of ceremonies for marriage reception. Ferlyn got an empty champagne glass!

Trust me, that's just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many, many more things that could potentially go wrong. We're here to make sure that although things may go wrong, your wedding will still go right.


A Professional Master of Ceremony Guides You Along

Sometimes, this happens.

You engage a close friend to be the MC for your marriage.

He is waiting for your rundown.

You are waiting for his script.

At the last moment, you both panic, and ask the banquet manager for a rundown.

He grabs a pretty generic script off google, and misses out alot of important stuff not on that script that he should have clarified with you beforehand. Oh dear.

the trouble of not hiring professional wedding mc or emcee or master of ceremonies for your marriage reception. No guidance!

As a Wedding Reception MC, Stitch and Ferlyn believes that our job starts before the wedding day. Once you have confirmed us as your preferred wedding speaker for hire, our job begins. We guide you to give us the necessary information that we know we will need, and these are questions that a newcomer will not know how to ask. We will check your rundown to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Days and weeks pass, and its finally your actual day.

Stitch or Ferlyn comes down early (I have such a big pet peeve for late Emcees) to your venue, to iron out and discuss with the banquet manager, and any necessary brothers or sisters, if there are discrepancies with everyone's understanding of the rundown.

I had one wedding emcee job in Singapore recently where I came down early as usual, and was discussing with the Banquet Manager on the rundown.

As the Banquet Manager was sharing with me the wedding banquet rundown, it was completely different from what I got from the newlyweds. Gulp.

I guided him that my rundown was actually the correct one, and we double checked. I was right!

Crisis averted.

Everything went smoothly!


Hire a Professional Wedding Emcee in Singapore Today!

hire professional wedding mc or emcee or master of ceremonies for your marriage reception. Anchorblanc is your best choice!

So, to sum up, here's why you should hire a Professional Emcee -

  • You are paying for the full time speaker's experience.

  • You are paying for the speaker's guidance.

Other Perks!

  • We've had guests on multiple occasions saying that we both have a nice voice and pace when we speak. This came with years of practice for us!

  • Jokes - We like adding a splash of humour when we Emcee at your wedding. We're really happy when your audience is happy.

Hire Stitch, Ferlyn, or both of us, at your wedding today!

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