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Hire Live Band Singapore: What are AnchorBlanc's Services?

Want to Hire a Live Band in Singapore? Be it for your Wedding, Dinner and Dance, Event, Private Party, or Regular Pub Gig , AnchorBlanc (Ferlyn and Stitch) has got you covered, to provide the maximum entertainment that your crowd will be able to enjoy.

Hire a Live Band in Singapore for a Wedding

Want the regular wedding songs that can't go wrong? No problem.

Or if your grandma really wants to listen the beautiful Hokkien song, 家後?We've got that down.

Or perhaps, you want to be extra cheeky and go crazy with some good ole' retro, with the song, Never Gonna Give You Up? We'll make it happen.

Our Wedding repertoire for weddings can either travel the fun path, or the safer, more traditional, path, depending on your preference.

Even somewhere down the middle, if you wish, with some awesome hits from the Backstreet Boys. Ultimately, you can make the choice, with our extensive song list which you can choose from.

Live Music Hire for your Event

Its about tunes that your clients can relate to, in order to keep the energy up. We'll do their song requests too, with their messages to their Colleagues, Team Mates, and Bosses.

Many teams have that one special secret song that defines them, that only they know. Just like an inside joke, it really brings people together.

Even if there are none, we maintain the happy energy by doing great enjoyable songs for your event.

Hire a Live Band in Singapore for your Party

Parties are my personal favourite. Whether its a cosy setting in the house with a bunch of your besties, or going as grand as celebrating a 80th Birthday at the hotel function room, AnchorBlanc is able to deliver!

Whatever your preference, we'll do what you like. We've done varied parties - from the Chinese or English Evergreen Classics, all the way up the Top 40s.

When you hire a live band in Singapore for your party, it is an exciting way to liven up the mood :)

Hire a Live Cover Band in Singapore

A cover band is a band that does all your favourite songs! To "cover" a song would mean to perform a song already in the media (Radio/ Youtube/ Spotify, etc).

What this actually means is, to do songs that are already known, as compared to performing a song you composed.

For most situations, cover bands are a must! People seldom want to hear songs that they do not know. Relatability is so important for live gigs, and this is achieved by doing song covers. AnchorBlanc can definitely do that!

Pubs - We Love Regular Gigs!

AnchorBlanc loves the regular pub scene. Nothing compares to the joy of taking your song requests, or even doing our personal favourites.

We always aim to please and surprise. Give us a shot, with your song requests! We might just be able to surprise you with your favourite nostalgic songs from your childhood!

Live Music Artists for Hire during Christmas

Christmas doesn't feel complete without a little bit of nice music! Even the hardest of hearts can't resist but sing along to their favourite Christmas carols. Its that spirit of happiness in the air, that can be even further enhanced, when you hire live musicians.

Getting AnchorBlanc to sing your favourite Christmas songs during the season can really liven up the mood of your event.

"Live Music Near Me"? Yes, because we bring the music to you.

Wherever your wedding, event or party is, AnchorBlanc brings the music straight to you. We are your live entertainment for hire, at your service. Contact us Today!

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