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Hire Chinese Wedding Emcee in Singapore

If you are searching to hire a Chinese Wedding Emcee in Singapore to host your wedding banquet, AnchorBlanc has your solution!

Your wedding ceremony (also known as a reception or a banquet) is going to be one of the biggest days of your life. With all the pesky and gossipy uncles and aunties all watching.. you really wouldn't want anything to go wrong. It is better to leave the task of Chinese Emceeing to a professional.

And hence, I would like to introduce you, to Ferlyn Chen.


Chinese Wedding Emcee in Singapore for Hire: Ferlyn Chen

Hire Ferlyn chen as your chinese wedding emcee in singapore today!

Ferlyn Chen ensures that your big day goes great. And here's how -



From Ferlyn's reviews on Budget Bride, one thing that couples love about her is how hassle-free she makes the entire process.

Its a common sight to see her briefing the banquet manager, finalising the flow with the brothers and sisters.

You just feel.. really assured, safe and in good hands, when you are working with her as your Chinese Wedding MC for your Marriage Reception.

This is best described by one of the reviews. "She took the initiative to do her soundcheck and ran through the event flow with our brothers and sisters without bothering us and even updated us after everything was done.


Familiarity with Rundown

as a chinese wedding emcee, ferlyn chen gives you the assurance and clarity as she is well experienced with the banquet rundown in singapore.

Most of the time, if you are engaging a friend to be your Chinese Wedding Emcee at your wedding banquet, it's usually their first time. (Or, the first few times if you are fortunate). When they get the rundown from you, they are usually unsure of the norm, of how things should go.

Ferlyn Chen, after being through many wedding MC experiences at various ceremonies, is able to become quickly familiar with your rundown, and even point out things that may not work. Her approach is more proactive than reactive. Being reactive is sometimes, what happens to a first-time Chinese Emcee, or friend emcees, because they are not sure of what to expect.


Pleasant Voice

Hire a Chinese Wedding Emcee with a pleasant voice. Engage Ferlyn Chen today!

If someone is being a Chinese Wedding Speaker for the first time, he/she may tend to just read off the script. This is because the person might not have the mindshare to focus on his/her vocal tone, because so many things are going on.

Ferlyn has been complemented by the couple and guests alike, on having a beautiful speaking voice. Whether its English or Chinese, Ferlyn makes heads turn with her voice in a good way.

Her vocal tone has that DJ / Celebrity quality to it, that many audiences love.


Hire Chinese Wedding Emcee in Singapore

Looking to hire a Chinese Wedding Emcee in Singapore? Look no further than Ferlyn Chen from AnchorBlanc!

For a Chinese Wedding MC that does a great job, has the experience, and can give you the assurance that you need before the wedding and during the wedding, engage Ferlyn Chen today!


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