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Hire Live Music for Wedding Reception in Singapore

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Are you planning for live music at your wedding reception?

Need to hire live music for your wedding reception? Contact AnchorBlanc.

When you hire a live wedding music band, it adds a nice touch of music (and interacting with the crowd via song interactions) to your big day.

It really keeps your valued audience occupied and happy when we do their requests and read out their well-wishes and dedications. We are your wedding musicians for hire.

Wedding planning is tough. As proof, Ferlyn Chen and I are planning our own wedding right now at this time of writing. It is an absolute migraine. Hence it is important that for live bands, emcees and all your other vendors as well, do remember to look for quality and responsive ones as well.

AnchorBlanc understands the struggle, and hence, we'll make this as hassle-free as possible for you when you hire a live wedding band.

Do feel free to PM us, and we'll share with you on what we'd love to offer to you, on your big day.


Wide Songlist for your Live Music Wedding Reception

When we do live music for your wedding reception in Singapore, we'll provide a wide songlist for you upon confirmation.
we provide a wide songlist of live music for your wedding reception in singapore. Contact AnchorBlanc!

There's always that "Song Choice Struggle" when you are planning your wedding.

What is the "Song Choice Struggle"?

This is where, some of your younger audience members really wants to enjoy the recent top 40s. It's what my father would have called "Too Hot Stuff".

And some of your crowd, would really want to listen to some good ole' Teresa Teng (鄧麗君). Or they'd love to enjoy some "Take Me Home, Country Roads", from John Denver. Good Stuff.

But this difference makes it hard to select the marriage band music for your wedding.

I'm marrying Ferlyn really soon at this point of writing, and I can share with you how much effort goes into planning a songlist that pleases everyone. Its so important to us for everyone in our audience to have an enjoyable experience.

We have the solution because.. we're able to do Both!

Let us surprise you with our wide songlist, that covers many genres and generations. You'll be seeing the current songs right now, and we take it back even to Bon Jovi's hits, and then all the way back to the old, evergreen, dialect songs.

Somewhere in the middle, for some old cheesy boyband goodness like Backstreet Boys or even F4? We've got you covered.

Want something slightly Indie and really touching like "I Will Follow You into the Dark?"" or I Love You 3000?" We've got it.

Need something "steady" for your drinking bros, like “浪子回頭” or ”我們不一樣“? We know that "brother" feel. Got that down too.

Depending on your choice, its going to be a pretty awesome combination of live wedding music.

I daresay our songlist is pretty comprehensive, as we're pretty hard on ourselves when it comes to learning songs as a wedding live band.

But ultimately its your choice. Upon confirmation, from our list, you can choose the songs you want, your songs, that will make your wedding unique and special to you.

AnchorBlanc is at your service to provide live music for your wedding ceremony!


Speedy Replies

In the hurricane of wedding planning, long waits for a reply simply isn't good for wedding planning. Or vague replies.

It just doubles the stress.

We always get back to you as soon as we can. It comes from a desire to deliver our maximum for your biggest day. As the live music band for your wedding, our commitment is to deliver with smooth communication, even before your actual day begins.

Contact us here!


Song Dedications

We had earlier mentioned that it's crucial for your audience to have a great time.

But how? We've tested and proven this. This truly happens when your crowd is able to make song requests!

Be it in the cheeky messages that they make us recite, or when they request for a song that all their friends can relate to, song requests are the key in getting your crowd engaged.

We'll also help you filter out the requests that are wildly inappropriate.

I once had a song request from some very "havoc" brothers, for a "分手快樂“。Dedicated to the groom. I kid you not.

And yes you guessed right, I filtered that out, as that's a big no for weddings. AnchorBlanc does not want awkward moments for the bride and groom.

When you get AnchorBlanc as your wedding band hire, your guests requests will be checked, and will be safe in our hands!


AnchorBlanc is your Live Music Solution for your Wedding Reception!

AnchorBlanc is your source for live wedding entertainment. We deliver with skill and passion. Contact us here!


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