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Hire Wedding Emcees in Singapore. AnchorBlanc has your favourite MCs!

When you hire Wedding Emcees, it's not as simple as finding 3 quotes and choosing the cheapest.

Its not as simple as selecting the lowest of three quotes when you hire wedding emcees. choose anchorblanc singapore!!

This ain't Gebiz. - Dramatic Music Plays -

This is the biggest day of your entire life.

You are hiring the main person that holds the flow and rundown of your wedding together. This key person will make or break your wedding. This person better knows what he is doing. - Dramatic Music Intensifies -

Ferlyn Chen and I (Charles "Stitch FM" Wong) have been Wedding Emcees for many different couples.

It feels strange.. almost as if we've been married many times. Haha.

But this gives us the experience that we need to be your Wedding MCs.

Most couples experience their first wedding when they are getting married, and are not sure what to do about many things because it is their first time. Hiring wedding speakers may feel like a fearful process where you don't know if the Emcee will be able to hold the fort down.

We're here to do a solid job for the MCing, and on top of that, guide you along the way with regards to the rundown if you need any assistance.


Hire Wedding Emcees: Ferlyn or Stitch?

I think this is the same nostalgic feeling as choosing between the bread ice cream or the waffle ice cream from the Ice Cream Uncle.

But let me just assure you that both are good.

Ferlyn Chen - The Voice

When you hire wedding emcees in singapore, Ferlyn really stands out because of her voice and how hassle free she makes the whole process.

Guests have commented, repeatedly and on separate occasions, that Ferlyn Chen's voice is really nice. Hearing her emceeing voice feels like a nice warm hug. It's what the Italian Singers term as Chiaroscuro, where her voice is a good mix of brightness and deepness, giving it that celebrity kind of tonality.

It's not too high where you want to slap her with a fish.

It's not too low where you will question her gender.

As Baby Bear would put it, its "just right", with her strength in the lower registers, and her bright and high crystal clear overtones cutting through.

How would I describe her voice?


Besides her voice, brides on Budget Bride have constantly praised her for one thing.

It is how hassle-free she makes the whole process.

She knows her stuff inside out, asks you the minimum number of necessary questions, and then hits the ground running.

Literally what every bride needs.


Charles "Stitch FM" Wong - The Swiss Army Knife

when you hire wedding emcees in singapore, charles stitch fm wong is the multiskilled swiss army knife.

No, it's not what you are thinking.

Stitch is called the Swiss Army Knife, but not because he opens any alcohol bottle that he finds.

It's because he brings many different skills to the table, and does each one well.

  • He takes the energy from his Dinner and Dance Emceeing and infuses it into your wedding.

  • He spices up your wedding with Beatboxing, which is another one of his careers.

  • He brings the Charisma of his motivational talks, into your big day.

Once, someone said that Stitch FM sounded great, just like a Billingual DJ.

He couldn't sleep that night.

Reviews generally praise Stitch FM for his professionalism, attention to detail, beatboxing, and adaptability at their wedding reception.


Why Not Both Ferlyn and Charles as your Wedding Speakers?

hire wedding emcees stitch and ferlyn from anchorblanc singapore, and get the best of both worlds!

You CAN choose both the Bread and the Waffle Ice Cream.

Ferlyn and I have worked out a great package price when you engage both of us to Emcee at the same time.

Its extremely pleasant to hear the bright sparkly timbre of a female voice, interlaced with the grounded deep tone of a male voice, alternating with each other. It keeps the guests sonically engaged because of the difference in sound.

We're pretty hard on ourselves too, so we don't just "play by ear"; we take pride in rehearsing our interactions line by line together to make sure that your big day goes like clockwork.

You can have both the goodness and strengths of Stitch and Ferlyn when you engage both at the same time.


Hire Wedding Emcees in Singapore Today!

Hire Wedding Emcees in Singapore Today. Choose AnchorBlanc!

We hope to be there with our emcee services to make your big day awesome. To sum it up, if you engage us for our emceeing, you may get either

  • Ferlyn Chen - Humourous, Hassle-Free, Great voice, Likeable or

  • Charles "Stitch FM" Wong - Professional, Adaptable, Fun, Multi-skilled or

  • Ferlyn and Stitch - Best of Both Worlds at a Package Price!

Getting married can feel daunting. We will make sure the Emceeing goes smoothly, and even guide you along for the Banquet flow if necessary

When you hire Wedding MCs, AnchorBlanc is your preferred choice!

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