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Ask AnchorBlanc: Best Top 10 Wedding March In Songs

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Usually, for the 2 sets of Live Band Music, the songs are easier to choose because there are about 20+ choices. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, especially with the comprehensive songlist that we will give you.

The real tough choice is finding those 2 songs that will play as you March in, as these are the two songs that define you, your relationship, and your feelings towards your other, better half.

From the weddings that we have done, here are our top picks for March Ins, for the Singaporean Wedding audience. We don't mean Xinyao or Local songs only, we mean songs that we love and we listen to.

Singapore, you have spoken! In no particular order, here is our (your) list of Top 10 Wedding March in Songs!


Perfect - Ed Sheeran

"There are no more songs out there that has a beautiful tune AND meaningful lyrics!"

Ed Sheeran: " Hold my beer, I've got this."

Ranking Top 10 in the Billboard 100s, this is a mix of a beautiful tune with meaningful, tear jerking lyrics. Ed Sheeran has done it again, and encapsulated all our feelings into one lovely melody. This song is Perfect, literally.


Beautiful in White - Shane Filan

This is one of the most popular songs that we get for March Ins. Just close your eyes and imagine, that on the words, "you look so beautiful in white", the bride is walking in elegantly with a stunning white dress. This is a moment where the music and the scene matches perfectly. But please plan your gowns properly.. I had a friend who once did a wedding where the moment he sang "you look so beautiful in white~" and the bride came marching in blue. I mean, it isn't wrong, just... a very scary moment for the band.


Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley

There's always that uncle at your family gathering that declares loudly "I tell you, all you young ones, nowadays they don't make music like they used to anymore".

I'm willing to bet that he can only name you one song, and he is probably referring to this song.

This song rose to fame again due to the Movie Soundtrack of Crazy Rich Asians, sung beautifully by Kina Grannis, and is a guaranteed hit both with the younger and older generations.


You Are The Reason - Calum Scott

This is one of my personal favourites. The anticipative build up as the song begins, all the way up to the grandest moment where the doors swing open to the soaring notes in the chorus and the bride and groom marches in. It is almost as if this song was written with a wedding march in mind, with the rises in energy perfectly in sync with the flow of a march.


Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John

We all have that little kid hidden in us. Watching Lion King on those huge Laser Discs, and watching it again and again until we could memorise every single song and every single dialogue. Performed by the legendary Elton John, this song is, surprisingly, the hottest disney song on our list of march in tunes. I was expecting some Frozen or Tangled, but this song takes the Top Spot for most popular disney march in song, proving how much of an evergreen masterpiece that the knight had managed to create.


A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

The next time your friend asks you, "What is that song name ah, the 'heart beats fast' one", please do this on my behalf and tell him or her that "THE SONG IS CALLED, A THOUSAND YEARS."

To all the Twilight fans and non Twilight fans alike, this song has an almost magical feel to it, making it perfect for a march in. When I hear this song with my eyes closed, all I see is a beautiful harvest field in the sunrise.. with sun coated butterflies.. and Edward or Jacob leaning their face close to me... I think I'll stop here.


From This Moment - Shania Twain

This is definitely one of the grandest songs I've heard. Its like the most powerful declaration of love ever to belt out of Shania Twain's lungs. Terrific if you are aiming for a grand mood and feel for your audience. It just feels so... heroic.


告白氣球 - 周杰倫

Although this list is predominantly English, this song is so smoking hot that we get this song request at Every. Single. Wedding. Well done, Jay Chou. I have nearly memorised it. Naturally, many couples have chosen this song as their March In song as it sounds so lighthearted, bubbly, and happy.


Marry Me - Train

Train is known for their energetic music and soaring vocals, but little did I know that when they actually roll out a ballad, it would be so heart tugging and soothing. This song deviates from their usual style of fast, hard hitting music, and completely strips it down into one of the greatest wedding songs in this decade.


Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Valli

If you are looking for a march in song that is energetic and upbeat, but yet not over-the-top crazy that your grandparents will beg you to stop, this is the perfect balance. This song is energetic enough to bring a happy, lively mood to your march in, and yet is still relatable to all ages. The coolest wedding I've ever emceed and sung at, involved one of the brothers dressed up in a T-Rex suit and dancing down the aisle to this song. Nobody could take their eyes off him.

So there you have it! Here are our Top Picks for the Top 10 Wedding March in Songs, that we love, and you love. We also have an article on Top 10 Boyband Songs, rolling out the week after this! If you would like us to sing these songs for you at your wedding, please feel free to contact us.

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