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The Wedding Acoustic Duo... That does 5 Roles!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

wedding acoustic duo charles ferlyn anchorblanc back to back courtyard singapore

We're proud to be a duo. We're happy to keep it small. And we are the wedding acoustic duo who loves to do all our tasks at a high level of quality for your special day.

Our Roles Include -

  • Singing

  • Beatboxing

  • Guitar

  • Billingual Emceeing - Duo or Solo!

  • Sound System for the Band

So Who's in this duo? Meet Ferlyn Chen, The Voice, and Stitch, The Swiss Army Knife.

wedding acoustic duo ferlyn chen anchorblanc voice singapore

Now lets think of Ferlyn as.. the calm, demure, pretty, humorous side of AnchorBlanc. We like to call her, The Voice of AnchorBlanc. We've had audience members coming up to us to say that Ferlyn's billingual emceeing voice was truly soothing. Not forgetting that she is extremely flexible, and able to emcee for your Gender Reveals, host your kahoot games, and many more!

Also, she sings as well! Most of Ferlyn's wedding gigs involves her emceeing at first from the stage, and then teleporting over to the band area to start singing your song requests. She is one busy, talented, woman.

wedding acoustic duo charles stitch fm wong anchorblanc swiss army knife

Now Stitch is the more playful side of AnchorBlanc. He did not play enough when he was a kid. He now makes up for it by beatboxing, singing, playing the guitar and emceeing. We like to call him, The Swiss Army Knife of AnchorBlanc. Guests have praised him for his beatboxing and his delivery.

Fun Fact: Stitch came in 4th in the most recent season of Singapore Idol, doing beatboxing, singing, guitar, piano, dancing. You know, the usual Stitch kinda stuff. Don't worry. he promises not to dance at your wedding.


Engage or make an enquiry for our Emceeing, Live Band or Sound System services! We have been featured in Vogue, Blissful Brides, The Wed Mag, BumbleScoop , and many more! Contact us here.

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