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Hire a Wedding MC in Singapore

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Hiring a Wedding MC in Singapore can be a challenge. There are so many factors to look out for, till your mind becomes a whirlwind of thoughts.

Here is the usual thought process of a Bride to Be.

Bride thinking wedding emcee singapore

  • Cost?

  • Is the MC recommended by friends?

  • Is he/she funny?

  • No wait, I don't want the MC to go overboard with the jokes either.

  • Do(es) the MC(s) sing too?

  • I definitely want someone fun though.

  • What if the MC takes MC?

Here is the usual thought process of a Groom-To-Be.

groom thinking wedding emcee singapore

- Is Man U or Arsenal gonna win later?


Choices, Choices. Well, AnchorBlanc lets you choose between Stitch, Ferlyn, or both as your MCs for your big day!

Ferlyn Chen, your Favourite Wedding MC in Singapore

Ferlyn Female Wedding Emcee Singapore

Ferlyn Chen has a good number of positive reviews on Budget Bride. Budget Bride is a platform where brides leave honest reviews about their services. Brutally, honest, reviews. Ferlyn, on the other hand, has a really solid record on that page, and is even constantly recommended from one bride to another. An additional plus point, is that she replies enquiries at lightning speed. Wanna know why? She understands the importance that a bride-to-be places on swift replies and smooth, no frills delivery of the job, because she's getting married soon. To me. (poor girl)

Charles Stitch FM Wong, your Trusted Wedding MC in Singapore

Charles Stitch FM Wong Male Wedding Emcee Singapore

Ranked as one of the Top Emcees in Singapore by Media One, Stitch's combines a little bit of everything he does when he Emcees. He cracks impromptu jokes, and throws in some of his signature Beatboxing from time to time! Some audiences at weddings has praised Charles for sounding like a Radio DJ when he Emcees. Stitch has the charisma to get the crowd roaring and cheering for the couple! He is a combination of groundedness and energy.

Let our Powers Combine - AnchorBlanc as your Duo MCs!

Anchorblanc wedding emcee singapore

You can actually hire both Stitch and Ferlyn at the same time! If you're the kind who can't decide between the McSpicy or the Double Fillet o' Fish whenever you go to Mcdonalds, then the Duo Emcee Package is perfect for you. You can have the best of both worlds when you get both Charles and Ferlyn as your Emcees on your wedding!

Feel free to check out both our reviews here.

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