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Wedding Music Band Cost for hire in Singapore

What is the wedding music band cost if you would like to hire AnchorBlanc to perform for your wedding in Singapore?

Find out by dropping us a PM, right here. Ferlyn Chen and I (Charles Stitch FM Wong) will attend to your query as soon as we can.


Why is there such a huge difference in Singapore for Wedding Music Band Cost?

You've probably done your research. You're probably wondering why there is a such a huge difference in wedding band average cost in Singapore. It makes me wonder, is there even an average?

What's the wedding music band cost in Singapore? Ask AnchorBlanc

Well, the short answer is, musicians price high with Star Power, and you can get cheap wedding music bands too if they are looking for more volume. It's true! There are many other factors too, like repertoire, experience, crowd engagement, just to name a few. That makes it hard to land on a typical wedding band cost.

Ultimately, its more important for you to do the comparison and decide on the wedding music band that you'd like to hire, based on your budget.

Ultimately, ask for the showreel for you to make an unbiased decision based on your own preferences, and here is ours -

Because every wedding music band is different, I'll share with you what AnchorBlanc has to offer below.


Wide Repertoire

I admit that I get kinda ruffled when people say that I'm doing an easy job of singing.

Wedding music band costs shouldn't make you sigh. Ask AnchorBlanc

It's because getting ourselves the song list that we have today, took us a lot of time, effort, and training. And I daresay our Songlist for love songs is pretty extensive.

Our passion comes from a place of making sure every single member of your audience is happy. And this has lead us to learn popular songs from different languages, all the way from the earlier eras of 家後, to the top 40s of today.

We've even got those in the middle, for example, the Indie hits like "I Love You 3000", or the Boyband goodness of F4's “流星雨“。

Even Baby Shark to perk your kids up and get them singing along. (Now that we've got their attention, you can finally take a rest, and turn your attention to that delicious orh nee dessert)

We'll give you our song list for selection upon your confirmation. Before confirmation, feel free to ask us if there are any songs that you really, really, like. Find out our wedding live band cost here!


Song Dedications

wedding music band cost and songlist ask anchorblanc

Sometimes, you'll see one of your Aunties playing with the prawn on her plate because she is bored. Or one of your Uncles fiddling with the green chilli with his chopsticks because he is feeling a little awkward in the table that he has been allotted to.

No more of that, because with song dedications, your crowd is engaged. People love to listen to, and sing along, to songs that they have requested for. Our wide repertoire works well for your guests song requests.

It truly gives your guests a memorable experience! Feel free to enquire on our wedding music band cost here.

Smooth Communications

Finding out wedding music band costs should be a smooth communication. Ask AnchorBlanc

Planning a wedding can be really stressful, and we minimise that by helping you make our liaising hassle-free.

It's really convenient because you either 1) Choose the songs or 2) we'll help you to choose. And a few more minor questions for the whole thing to go smoothly.

Settled, just like that.


Package Offers!

Our wedding music band cost feels like a celebration due to the package pricing. Ask AnchorBlanc

We do Emceeing too, and even the Sound Systems required for the live band! At a package rate. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


Wedding Music Band Cost? Contact AnchorBlanc for a Quote Today!

Wedding music band cost? Contact AnchorBlanc for a transparent quote today.

Feel free to check out our reviews here. We hope to provide you with live music for your big day!


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