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Wedding MC For Hire .. In English or Chinese!

As at this point of writing, me and Ferlyn Chen are planning our wedding. She is going bonkers. And we've found a few things that needs to be booked in advance due to high demand and limited availability.

- The Wedding Banquet Venue,

- The Photographer

- The Videographer, and

- Having a Wedding MC for Hire. (Did i miss out anything?)

Usually, demand for these things are high. But guess what.. After the COVID 19 situation in 2020, all the couples aiming the nice dates and numbers in 2020, are all postponing their big day and jumping over to 2021. 2021 is gonna be so packed. Booking early is especially crucial for weddings happening in 2021!

Myself (Charles Stitch Wong) and Ferlyn Chen are at your service as Wedding Emcees. Feel free to book either of us, or both concurrently, to emcee for your wedding! It will be best to book us early, but no worries if you can't and we'll still check our availability.

Bilingual Wedding MC for Hire

wedding mc for hire yellow orange charles ferlyn anchorblanc duo singaporeduo singapore

Charles Stitch FM Wong or Ferlyn Chen are Bilingual! They are able to Emcee in both Chinese or English. This is crucial for emceeing to both your younger crowd who is usually more proficient in English, and also to the older generation, who tends to prefer Mandarin over English. And if you let their powers combine, you'll get a pleasant combination where Ferlyn Chen takes a language while Charles takes the other.

The Wedding Emcees with Heart and Soul

wedding mc for hire charles ferlyn anchorblanc duo singapore

We don't like being "talking heads".

We give our heart and soul for every couple, and every banquet that we emcee for.

We throw in jokes and energy to spice up your wedding.

Its your special, once-in-a-lifetime day, so let us know how you would like to make your day extra special. Myself and Ferlyn are happy to discuss its feasibility with you!

Contact Us for a quote or a booking today!

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